From Eco-efficiency to Eco Effectiveness

planting trees Environmental ManagerMexicali, BC – Members of the Congress of Baja California approved in general and a reserve, in particular, an initiative to reform Article 112 of the Law on Environmental Protection for the State through which the Secretariat of the branch is authorized to close down outlets rocket.

When systems based on monitoring air quality, determine that environmental pollution poses a risk to the public. In that sense, it is stated that the Ministry of Environmental Protection (SPA) State will have this new allocation:

“Sort the temporary closure of part or all of the outlets of rockets, firecrackers, and other pyrotechnic devices when, according to the systems for payment of air quality, determine that environmental pollution poses a risk to people.

Based the application of one or more official Mexican standards on air quality. From eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness must immediately address the preventive measures that are required.”

Protecting the Environment Means Protecting Your Health

The legislator Francisco Barraza Chiquete, first baseman of this reform, referred in its preamble that during the winter season, the risks of having high levels of air pollution are greater.

So the authorities should maintain a permanent monitoring and, if atmospheric pollutants exceed the maximum limits permitted by the Mexican Official Standards, take the necessary action.

“It is worrying that despite the above, in the municipality of Mexicali, during the Christmas times indiscriminate burning rocket tolerated and installation of outlets is authorized throughout the city.

  • Who has not left his home for the morning during the holiday season year end and will not see that Mexicali dawns with a dense `neb linea’?
  • Haze is nothing but an unhealthy concentration of pollutant particles produced largely by the burning of rockets,” said the famous representative of the Party of Baja California.
  • He added that in Mexicali and its valley have not been implemented and plans, aimed at improving the quality of the air we breathe, especially about the concentrations of Environmental Manager.
  • Carbon monoxide permanent programs carbon (CO), which are two pollutants that increase the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and lung cancer when there is chronic exposure.
  • The president said that the proposal “is not a new idea” and that will match the USA with leaders in the fight against climate change. “Emissions of carbon dioxide are responsible for the effects of climate change and energy plants are responsible for these emissions,” Obama said.

modern_environment“These measures will help to protect the health of the most vulnerable citizens, such as children and the elderly.”

The upcoming EPA rules will affect 1,600 plants already operating in the country and reduced by 30% emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels president defended the measures in his weekly Sunday and said that almost 40% of carbon pollution comes from power plants.

The new plan also involves cut particulate pollution, nitrogen and sulfur oxides by more than 25%, so that in addition to helping the fight against global warming, will have direct benefits for the health of citizens.

“Today there are no national limits on the amount of carbon pollution that release these plants into the air we breathe. Any limits, “Obama said. The president said during his speech this weekend, recorded at the National Children’s Medical Center of the Capital, that US law does limit a number of toxic chemicals such as mercury or sulfur, which can throw, but not in For carbon.

“This is not smart, is not healthy and does not make sense.”

“If your children do not have to use an inhaler, can be considered lucky,” said Gina McCarthy Monday, director of the EPA during the announcement Monday.

“One in ten American children depend on this help breathing. No parent should worry about this. ” McCarthy said the regulation is not a break with the past, From eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness will use existing technologies and to advance “in the progress we’ve already started.”

The president defended during his weekly address that reducing carbon emissions will contribute to that in the first year 2,100 heart attacks and 100,000 people suffer fewer asthma attacks are avoided.

Environmental Manager has linked the impact of climate change on rising health problems of Americans and their economic costs.

“The lack of action against climate change is costing us more money in more sectors and more often,” McCarthy said, citing 2012 as the most expensive for US natural disaster year said.

EPA measures come at a time of deep political division in Washington, where the Republican majority in the House of Representatives impedes the progress of Democratic proposals.

The president and failed in his attempt to pass environmental law during his first term, so that this time will legislate by executive powers granted to it by the Clean Air Act of 1970, reports The New York Times.

The new regulation has been received in Europe as the “strongest” action by the US government, in the words of Commissioner Connie Hedegaard. “This shows that the US is serious about climate change,” he said in a statement.

McCarthy said Tuesday that new measures had been drawn up “with a healthy dose of common sense” and includes “achievable goals” for the sector.

Companies to Help with the Environment

The decision of how to address them depend on state governments, which may make changes to your electrical system to adapt to the new rules, either by adopting renewable energy sources or by participating in an exchange program known as “cap-and-trade.”

In this market, states can buy and sell permits to pollute in exchange for accepting other limits on their emissions. “The more states participate, there will be greater flexibility and lower the costs for all,” he defended the director of the EPA.

The new regulation can profoundly affect the operation of power plants, which are responsible for the increased emission of greenhouse gasses and contribute to global warming. Last May, the White House issued a report in which showed the ravages of climate change, which has already ceased to be a future threat and has become a real problem.

Obama commissioned a year ago those responsible for the EPA to prepare these regulations in consultation with experts, businesspeople from the sectors concerned, as well as state and local governments.

Anticipating rejection that may occur this legislation by Republican leaders, the president cited in his speech that a dozen states have already implemented similar measures and that it is Washington who must “catch up” and move “with the rest of country”.

Monday, McCarthy brought another argument: “We must turn the threats of climate change on business opportunities. The possibilities are endless. ”

The US environmental agency revealed in September last year the two axes of the plan to combat climate change Obama, but this only affected plants new building.

That same year, in his speech on the State of the Union address, President linked once again fires or major storms that ravaged whole areas decades before as a result of emissions of powers if Congress did not approve legislation itself.


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