World-Environment-Day-picturesThe investment in environmental protection Cantabrian companies fell by 28.1% in 2014, when 4.2 million euros allocated to this concept compared to 5.9 a year earlier, according to the ‘Survey of industry spending environmental protection ‘published Friday by the National Institute of Statistics.

Thus, the percentage of investment in environmental protection industry that Environmental Manger represents 0.8% of the total, similar to the Canary Islands and the third lowest by communities after the Balearic Islands (0.3%) and La Rioja ( 0.4%).

Spending for the Environment

In absolute terms, 4,243,700 euros of investments are the third smallest, only superior to those of Baleares (1,464,800 euros) and La Rioja (2,006,600 euros) amount. In addition, the Cantabrian companies allocated 36 million current expenditure on environmental protection in 2014.

This is representing 9.3% less than this is the fourth most moderate amount by communities in 2013 following the Balearic Islands (9352200 euros), Extremadura (18,871,400 euros), La Rioja (19,770,700 euros) and Canarias (27,112,700 euros).

This mode Cantabria ranks as the fifth community with the lowest percentage of current expenditure on environmental protection in the industry, 2%, just ahead of the Balearic Islands (0.5%), Extremadura (1%), La Rioja (1, 21) and Canarias (1.5%).

In Spain, industry spending on environmental protection in 2014 reached 2,400 million euros, 3.8% more than in 2013. Current expenditure increased 5.1%, while investment decreased by 0, 3%.

The Governing Council has discussed today the bills Environmental Protection and Flexibility of Agrifood Production, with which they intend to expedite procedures for the establishment of companies in the region and regulate the sale of certain foods from producer to consumer, respectively.

The Environmental Protection Bill

  • world environment awarenessExtremadura vice president, Cristina Lieutenant, and the Minister of Health and Socio-Politics, Luis Alfonso Hernandez Carron, have appeared at a press conference after the meeting of the regional executive, to expose the contents of both laws, which are intended to be approved by the Environmental Manger in the current session.
  • The bill of Environmental Protection has already been registered in parliament by the Popular Party, while it will Agrifood Easing shortly.
  • Cristina Lieutenant stressed the “intense legislative activity” that will be recorded in the Assembly of Extremadura in the coming months, because in addition to these two bills, other laws that are already in the pipeline, such as the Law of Tax Measures, will discuss the Agrarian law or Transition between governments.
  • Similarly, as pointed out, are other pending bills such as promoting birth, the Social Services or the Civil Service of the Statute Capital of Merida.
  • After trust that “the spirit of consensus prevails in the Riksdag”, Lieutenant has highlighted the importance of the bill of Environmental Protection to be in high demand.

Given the need to relax the requirements and streamline procedures to facilitate the establishment of companies in the region “in those activities that do not offer environmental problems.”

This new regulation, according to the vice president, repealing the Law on Prevention and Environmental Quality Extremadura 2010 and incorporates aspects of national legislation concerning the prevention and control of pollution, industrial emissions, and environmental assessment.

What it Has to do With Economic Development

Also, it aims to “harmonize the environment with economic development”, provide legal certainty to developers and adaptation of Extremadura to national and European regulations.

Among other developments, the law will eliminate public information procedures when conducting the proceedings of unified environmental authorization in the DOE, which is currently 20 working days.

Instead, an announcement will be made on the website of Environment for ten days, while the deadline for issuing the resolution that this authorization grants will increase from the current six months to three months, which half reduces the terms, stressed Lieutenant.

Concerning the Act Easing of Agrifood Production, Hernandez Carron explained that it is intended to fill a legal vacuum for the direct sale of fresh and processed from the producer to the consumer in the angry Gana Dera exploitation.

Markets or local stores own food with the “maximum guarantees of safety and protecting the rights of consumers in its entirety”.

As is already the case in the Basque Country, which has a similar law, sales in what is called “short circuit.” For example, collectors or groups of producers with mechanisms for collective marketing through an establishment is also regulated retailer, which “Extremadura is placed at the level of countries like Switzerland or France.”

According to the Minister, this law may benefit some 20,000 farmers in the region, ” fair return” within a “restoration of power in the food chain” ensure.

To ensure traceability of the products marketed by this system, the Registry of Food Businesses and Foods of Extremadura will be created and the required inspections will be performed.

After specifying that home massacres are excluded from this law, and Hawking will be banned in the region, Hernandez Carron stressed the importance of technical regulations to be developed after the adoption of the law.

Only eight items, to regulate the sale of various products such as cheese, honey, jams, sweets or fruits, and vegetables.

On the agenda of the Governing Council, it has approved the decree that the curriculum title of Senior Technician in Administration and Finance and the cessation of establishing José Luis Arroyo González as technical secretary of Drug Dependence of Extremadura Health Service.