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Barber shop etiquettes everyone should know

Barber is someone who would make our lives completely impossible to survive and we believe that in this lockdown time period you must have clearly understood the importance barber shop Dubai marina hold in our lives. Now that we are on the topic, let’s show them some respect and tell them they hold a special place in our hearts by following these simple etiquettes.

  • Value time

It is not only your barber who wastes his time while waiting for his appointed client to arrive, in fact it is also you who are devaluing time. A gentleman always arrives a few minutes prior to their time and if it is not possible, they call and tell this before hand to make sure that no one’s time is being wasted. When you are not on time, it simply frustrates them and that’s when the things go down the wrong way.

  • Wash your hair

If you don’t plan on getting a hair treatment at the salon then it is best if you wash them and then aim for a haircut or even hairdresser JLT Dubai. You should definitely get rid of all the grease and gunk your hair has and keep the hat off to avoid any excessive sebum before the haircut. You will save yourself from a whole lot of embarrassment and a messy haircut which would make it difficult to navigate your path.

  • Be prepared

It is a good idea to seek advice and consult your barber for the hairstyles but they are not always free for the sessions. It is always a good idea to go prepared with all the hairstyles which you wish to adapt and then make a few changes as per your hairstyle or the one which would suite with help of your hairdresser’s advice. Let them manage from there and see the magic happen.

  • Don’t rush it

We hope this won’t happen if you would follow the first rule in this etiquette’s list but if some situation comes up, never rush the whole process as it would only make things messy and disoriented. Good things take time, so let your barber also take time and don’t get restless. This is why we would suggest you to choose a weekend or a holiday to get your hair done.