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When a person needs to buy something to eat or dress or use in their daily life; it creates demand. The businesses that fulfill this demand are called suppliers. It means that they are supplying the products that people want to use. As you already know, factories are constructed away from the residential blocks because they create a lot of pollution. How can a product manufactured by a factory get to the small shop at the corner of your street? The answer is the supply chain. Manufacturing businesses invest in logistics services to move their commodities and merchandise from one place to another. These logistic services work under the umbrella of the supply chain. The term supply chain has vast applications and it consists of many aspects that are vital for a business to survive.

Why is Supply Chain important?

The steel tank manufacturers in UAE play an essential role in supply chain management. When customers order a small object from their homes, it is packed and sent via bulk shipments. Many shipments travel overseas to reach from the conveyor belts of the factories to the gate of a single consumer. The sturdy and massively roomy steel tanks are necessary to transport these products from one place to another safely. A bulk shipment can travel by road, by air, or also by sea routes. The supply chain managers calculate the costs of transportation by each method and make a selection that is the fastest, cheapest, and safest. This way, the manufacturers don’t have to worry about losing their billions of dollars’ worth of investment, and the consumer can get their products as soon as possible. Supply chain managers have to deal with international export laws, transit insurance, and tax policies of several governments. This job is not easy and requires a lot of experience and patience.


When a company fills 20 ft ISO tank containers with their goods, there is a significant risk of losing these commodities in transit. The function of the supply chain is to make sure the safe delivery of these commodities. The consumers are counting to get their products. The factory workers depend on their salaries and job securities, and the manufacturers for their profits; on the supply chain managers. Without a decent supply chain manager in business, the goods can get lost, and all the stakeholders of that business would suffer huge losses.