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If you are having a phase in your marriage where you or your partner are not ready to speak or listen to each other, then this is the high time to see a marriage counselor. This article is both for people who are seeking for a marriage counselor but they still want to see what are the advantages of hiring them and this article is good for those people who are wanting to become a marriage counselor and they want get one last rain check by finding out the benefits of being one. The first advantage is that the marriage counselors make a lot of money, it was estimated by the global career development association that a beginner marriage counselor can make more than 50,000 AED in a year and a pro marriage counselor can make more than 250,000 AED in a year. You can get the best counselling services in Dubai.

For people who are looking to find a marriage counselor that is registered by some firm, well for your information all the counselors are recognized and registered with firms and association which are registered at the federal and governmental level. They are recognized as the mental health providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and psychiatric nurse practitioners. This is good news for the new marriage counselor, they should know that they will have more chances of getting better and well paying jobs. There are a lot of vacancies for marriage counselors each year at the government level and there are different training programs which are offered by huge non-profit organizations which are for free. This means that you will be able to study and keep your knowledge up to date without any investment. You can also acquire the services of a psychologist to ensure your mental health in the UAE.

Another benefit of being a marriage counselor is that you will have flexible working hours. You can visit the clinic at what time you want unless you work as an employee there. But this was also estimated by the global career association that 80 percent of the marriage counselors make their own clinic after doing job under a clinic’s name for a while. And if you have your own clinic that means you can visit any time you want and there are no restrictions because you can also provide counselling through online sessions.