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Disadvantages of Being an Expat in UAE

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Disadvantages of Being an Expat in UAE

UAE is a haven for people who want to do their dream jobs and it is a country where every type of culture is celebrated and their traditions are appreciated and welcomed with a warm heart. UAE is also a country for those who are shopping addicts and have a thing for extreme sports and it is also the party animal’s paradise as well. People have a negative concept about UAE since it is Muslim state but the fact is that there are people who praise UAE because they have been living there for years and their ancestors have been there as well.

But there are people who say that they regret being an expat, some say that no matter how much is your vintage is in UAE, you can be still kicked out at any time. There was a person who stated that, he had been working in a bank for more than 20 years and he had many local clients and once he had a client who was a local and had a lot of companies, he needed a loan and due to some missing of documents, he couldn’t get the loan. The local got angry and disappointed and he pulled a few strings and made sure that he didn’t get a good retirement compensation and he was also abused in front of the whole staff.

And when he looked up to other locals he helped in the past, he was not answered and neither listened at all. This clearly means that the locals in UAE are just friends with you when you give them what they need. Some people also say that they are not granted with different benefits like getting small loans of car and they have to travel by metro or by other means which are expensive. Some people have also said that if you go to apply for a job and you are a very decorated person and then there is a local who has very less qualification, he/she will be hired because they are the locals. People think that if you didn’t please them, they will be disappointed and they can bring down the company by just a call.

There is some truth to this because there are times when this had happened with people and they have lost their good and old business as well.